As I’m sitting here watching Christmas Vacation for the millionth time and cleaning I came across the leftover blank canvas from my failed DIY paint project. Alex didn’t like the way the paints felt on his hand so not a whole lot of artistic creations happened. The canvas was BOGO at Michaels. I had left over burlap and felt from my fall wreath and started wondering what I could do with a canvas besides painting since I don’t have any real paint in the house. This is all I could come up with. Not beautiful but it’s something. Would make a better pin board than anything.


DIY Finger Paint

So I just want to give my thoughts on this recipe:

This was made using:
2 cups water
1/2 cup cornstarch
Food coloring
(The canisters are left over KFC sides)
It mixed really well, but you have to add cornstarch in slowly to boiling water otherwise it gets clumpy. The downfall to this recipe is when it cools it gelifies (if that’s a word). So it was not the easiest to paint with and my son didn’t like the feel of it on his hands.

It did however thin out pretty well and was dry overnight.


I just want to start by saying welcome. The purpose of this blog is to discuss just everyday “stuff”. Nothing specific really but things like decor, childcare, cooking, or whatever life lessons I have learned. As a mother of one (he is currently 19 months) I have learned there is no right or wrong to most situations in life. You just gotta go with your gut and have fun in the process. Recently I have taken up crocheting and wreath making (tis the season). Here is my latest wreath:


I’m proud of it. Wanted to go with a whimsical theme this year. Don’t think I will carry it throughout the house though, may be overwhelming.